Service Crew $1800 to $2000 Monthly
See JD applicable
1 year exp
Service Crew
21C0591, R2199530
0 applications Posted 12 Oct 2021 Closing on 12 Oct 2022
Job Responsibilities:

  • Attend to customers professionally and politely either on the phone or in-person
  • Attend to the call promptly and take orders from the customer accurately
  • Clarify with the customer to confirm the takeaway order is accurate
  • Take and pack food and drink orders for takeaways
  • Answer questions politely or make recommendations for innovative pastry and creative desserts
  • Issue bills and accept payment

Job Requirements:

  • Quality working on a desert dining concept
  • Multitask (cleaning, serving, and aftersales services)
  • Language - be able to communicate with Chef Huseyin Turan in English and engage with customers from a dynamic culture
  • Team players and love to help and support each other
  • Confident and natural communicator with excellent interpersonal skills
  • Customer focus with the ability to engage with different types of customers and build rapport quickly
  • Collaborative, agile, and striving to win at every opportunity
  • Value contribution from everyone
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