Account Director (Partnership) $7500 to $8000 Monthly
Full Time
Senior Management
8 year exp
Account Director (Partnership)
21C0591, R2199531
0 applications Posted 07 Jul 2022 Closing on 05 Sep 2022

Job Description

Role Summary

This is a newly created position based in Singapore, reporting directly to the Company's Managing Director. You play a crucial role in the new business development for non-government projects in Singapore. This potential growth for this position is to develop different regional markets and be the General Manager of Overseas Market.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for identifying, leading, facilitating, negotiating, managing, and overseeing the new businesses.
  2. Identify and pursue growth opportunities actively.
  3. Identify and target more prominent organizations and MNC in Singapore.
  4. Oversee and develop new business lines for non-government related clients.
  5. Collaborate with internal teams across various functions to develop, lead and execute the business to exceed customer satisfaction.
  6. Plan, drive, develop, retain and maintain client relationships successfully.

Job Requirements:

  1. Minimum bachelor's degree in Business Administration
  2. Excellent interpersonal and presentation skills
  3. At least 8-10 years of experience in business development with proven track records in securing and closing deals
  4. Strategic rigor, creativity, and be able to think and work outside the box
  5. An excellent negotiator and an influential verbal and written communicator

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